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The Design Collaborative is the product of a shared vision by two Principle Interior Designers seeking to take the collection of skills and experience acquired over two decades of working professionally in residential, government / defense and commercial interior design and utilize these skills to offer excellent customer service to each individual client, architect, builder, and contractor. 

Our philosophy

The Design Collaborative exists to provide an accessible means to achieve a high level of thoughtful interior design impact for any project.  We strive to provide all clients with an excellent interior design collaboration experience because design is fun! And the spaces where we work, live and play should be functional, effective and beautiful. 



The Design Collaborative is the premier design firm for both residential and corporate / commercial interior design services. With a proven reputation for dependability and integrity, The Design Collaborative brings a wealth of artistic and technical skills to every interior design project. The process is always marked by practicality, professionalism and personal service.


We strive to provide a complete solution and seamless client experience. Designing thoughtful spaces is our mission but collaborating with and being an asset to your project team is what brings us joy!​


Be exceptional, provide outstanding experience for all clients and the users of the spaces we design
Be intentional, provide attention to every detail saving time, cost and resources
Be extraordinary, offer a high level of customer service to each project.


At The Design Collaborative, our commitment to interior design excellence and personalized service ensures the highest quality in both the process and the product. 

Hannah Davis

"From an early age, I took an interest in arts and space planning, which mainly consisted of reconfiguring my bedroom furniture every week. Interior design is a perfect representation of who I am as a person: creative and logical. Design, and all its many facets, has been my greatest passion since I was young."

Hannah has always been intrigued with how the built environment affects human mood and behavior. Superlative work on a design project ensures success for all future users of the designed space. The company name 'The Design Collaborative' came organically from the root thought that design wasn't meant to happen in a vacuum; interior design is enhanced through collaboration and personal interaction. To be a good designer you have to be a good listener. Listening between the lines of what is said to tap into the experience the client wants to create requires thinking outside of the box at times. Every single detail of a space contributes to make for an astute design. A well thought out design considers not only aesthetics but also functionality, practicability and longevity. Always growing, learning and changing, Hannah is a perpetual student who strives to stay current with evolving technology, environmental concerns and economic factors that influence the world of design.

Hannah graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Alabama in 2009 with a B.S. degree in Interior Design and a minor in Art History. After graduating, Hannah worked with a commercial design firm in Tuscaloosa before taking a job as a facility designer with a government contractor. Hannah has an extensive background in commercial design and furniture specification. 

Hannah and her husband have two daughters and call Arab, Alabama home. 

Heather Eubanks


"I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the field of design, every aspect of it makes my heart sing. One of my earliest memories was building a house for my dolls out of VHS tapes. I think I remember it so well because I did it so often. I wasn't as concerned with the dolls as I was about creating a comfortable dwelling for them. When other kids were watching Full House, I watched Christopher Lowell and Lynette Jennings. Fast forward 30 years, and I am still fascinated by people and how they interact with the spaces they are in. Interior design is part of the fabric of who I am; it is where my mind drifts when I daydream, and I know it is what I was created to do."

Heather graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Alabama with a B.S. degree in Interior Design and The Outstanding Senior in Interior Design Award. After graduation, Heather went on to practice in the residential, commercial, and government sectors before combining that decade of experience into what is now The Design Collaborative. 

Passionate about answering the clients' unique vision for a space, Heather loves to get to know her clients and the projects' end users. Heather knows that our spaces affect our experience, so many facets of a space work together to create an experience and backdrop for our lives. Heather relies on her breadth of skills but also her instincts to provide an exceptional experience by all users whether that is the client in their home, an employee in their workplace or a worshiper at church. A well-designed space grows with the end users and is functional, practical and complements the building structure. 

Heather and her husband have one son, one dog, two cats and call Arab, Alabama home. 

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