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The Design Collaborative is an Alabama based studio specializing in comprehensive renovations and new construction projects.


We work on behalf of our clients to determine and implement a cohesive interior design vision and plan for any size project. From preliminary concept to a fully rendered 3-D model, we walk through the design development process to completion. We offer a thorough design with attention to construction details to

bring clarity and efficiency to build out. Modeling the project before construction allows us to anticipate and problem solve issues in the planning stage before work begins instead of in the field during build out.

Our full-service design includes a fully rendered and detailed Design Package with floor plans, elevations, 3d views and all necessary legends and schedules for buildout. The design package ensures clarity with your contractor or builder on the design intent along with construction detail notes for accurate quoting and estimating. Coordination with your contractor and builder during build out is also included.

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