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Arab Lumber Showroom


Masculine, Boutique, Retail

When an opportunity arose to renovate a showroom for the ‘Young Retailer of the Year’ award winner, we were elated. The multi-faceted past of an existing unused adjacent building unearthed its share of surprises but was transformed during this complete renovation project into a boutique shopping experience merchandising building products. The newly renovated showroom is meant to service both homeowners looking to build or renovate, as well as builders and the building trade community. The use of 3D modeling proved immensely helpful throughout this project to foresee and troubleshoot before issues arose in the field during build out. 

This project aimed to create a curated retail space that strategically showcased the breadth of materials that Arab Lumber can provide while the building finishes for each area were considered through the lens of promoting sales. Exterior material specifications were also provided to bring the showroom experience and showcase of materials to every applicable surface possible. 

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