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Probin Global


Industrial, Flexible, Executive

A complete renovation to repurpose a warehouse into an executive office suite and center of operations required detailed space planning up front. Life safety planning ensured both egress and the health, safety and wellness of every potential occupant was considered. ADA Planning is part of every design but not always discussed upfront. This became an integral first concept during the design planning process and considerations were implemented to provide universal design for both visitors and daily occupants.

A blank canvas of concrete floors and raw metal structure transformed into a polished and semi-industrial office suite for owners, directors, and employees. Both residential and commercial design principles were used to create a more comfortable and functional work environment that helps workers relax and collaborate more naturally by bringing in the comforts of home into the working environment.


There are principles and practices that are timeless, incorporating those with new concepts of out of the office collaboration and flexible open floor plans allow this office to change as it grows. The selection and coordination of materials from the carpet that is in line with the Probin brand to the custom furniture designed for the conference room transformed this once mundane structure into the hardworking and fresh space it is today.

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